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Hair fall, hair loss, hair thinning- what does the reader feel at the very instant? We all feel all but panic, right? Such is the impact of the panic generated by hair loss that it can set one’s world on fire; make everything go in absolute mayhem. But, it is essential to understand the core of the problem first, and then jump for solutions. The core of the problem is the reasons that lead to hair fall:

  1. Hair LossLiver problems- liver related problems can lead to hair fall. An unhealthy digestive system leads to weakening of the hair roots and lead to hair thinning.
  2. Dandruff- a very common but serious problem, dandruff leads to severe hair fall. Dead skin tissues called dandruff corrode the root of the hair and lead to hair fall.
  3. Unhealthy diet- indulging in junk foods, oily foods or only fish or meat and no vegetables lead to weakening of hair because it lacks the much needed protein.
  4. Dirt- dirt is one such problem which damage hair to its core.
  5. Pollution- the new age curse, pollution, affects everything as well as the hair. It corrodes it to the base and leads to its weakening.
  6. Unhealthy hair care regime- dirty hair which is infrequently shampooed, split ends and regular application of chemicals like that of hair colour, perming, straightening and so on and so fore lead to hair weakening and thinning.
  7. Cyst, tumours- if one faces abrupt hair fall, a woman especially, in this case, should meet a gynaecologist because the symptoms of having cysts and tumours is hair fall.
  8. Genetic- if hair fall is in your genes, one should try and detect that early and seek for help.

But then, when there are problems, there has to solutions! And hair fall too has a number of solutions. The problem is a global one and millions across the globe are facing this very problem. Researches and experiments are being conducted since a long while to find out more reasons and even more number of solutions. An entire industry has come into being which deal with production and marketing of products that help in hair thinning.

What is Provillus?

Provillus is a natural hair loss treatment purely made from natural ingredients. This herbal product is a dual action formula which not only stops hair fall but also regrows new hairs. The formula is purely made from natural herbs, contains no chemicals therefore doesn’t cause any side effects. These days atmospheric pollution, consumption of unhygienic food and use of unhygienic water are causing damage of hairs.

Among other hair problems, hair loss has become most common and serious problem these days. Research estimated that about 90% of world population is suffering from hair loss. Healthy hairs are considered as sign of beauty and provillus gives natural beauty to your hairs. Provillus hair loss treatment is fortified only FDA approved ingredients “stated by” these ingredients seeds your scalp to create the optimum environment for new, healthy hairs.

It supplies the proper nutrition required to bring damaged dead hair follicle back to normal life. We take great pride in the superior quality of our products and believe in offering the very best value, quality and selection to our customers.


How Does Provillus Works for Male & Female Hair Loss Solution?

Who does not love healthy and bouncing hair? Hair provides the face and the individual that much needed distinction and perk and is one of the main attributes that constitute the term “beautiful” and/or “handsome”. Therefore, taking hair fall issues lightly is like inviting doomsday. It is thus wise and scientific as well as rationally objective to deal with hair fall issues as soon as one spots it. Be cautious about the hair, they are essential and the lack of them invites all but unhappiness. Who likes to be thin haired or bald? Does it make one happy? No, on a contrary, it makes one go under bouts of frustrations and depressions.

Provillus has been tested at laboratories by medical experts and it has been verified that it contains only natural ingredients therefore safe to use. Medical experts have found that the main cause of hair loss is increases amount of DHT hormone in human body. The increase of this hormone weakens the hair follicle and causes hair to fall. The product is gone through various clinical trials and has been verified as effective against the DHT hormone. It contains some active ingredients which acts as DHT blocker thus prevent hairs from falling.

The FDA registered provillus offers new hair regrowth solution in different formulations separately for men and women. This formula is now clinically approved to regrow lost hair and prevent baldness. This product is gaining popularity because it contains purely a blend of natural ingredients and is very easy to use. It shows amazing results in 4 weeks. Customers, who have used it, are very much satisfied with the product performance and are posting positive reviews about the product. The product also offers money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied, get your money back.

Provillus Hair Regrowth For Men

Provillus Hair Regrowth For Women

How to Use?

As a dietary supplement, adults should take two capsules daily with a meal and water, or as directed by a physician. If you are pregnant, nursing or currently taking any medication, consult with a physician prior to use. Do not exceed suggested use.

Thus, it is logical to seek for help in such cases and one such help that has made not even one person unhappy with the results id Provillus. It is the best in every way and is those magic wands that can hair fall problems with 100% guarantee.
It is essential to be caring about one’s hair as well because they need that attention. And Provillus reviews state it provides that much needed care and gifts a healthy and attractive hair to be proud off.

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