Nootropics – Best Nootropic Brain Supplements

Nootropics – What are the Best Nootropic Brain Supplements?

Best Nootropics

You may have heard them referred to as Smart Drugs and simply dismissed them as some kind of fad, but Nootropics are here to stay.

Just imagine for a moment what it would be like to live in a world in which neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s could be held at bay or even cured. A world in which we could improve our mental functions such as memory, intelligence, cognition, attention, motivation and concentration. A world in which we could fulfill our mental potential.

Such a world is just out or reach but well within our grasp and coming closer all the time. Technological and biochemical advances are bringing that world a step closer each day. In fact, in many respects it’s already here.

What Are Nootropics?

So what are these smart drugs we’ve been hearing about? Well, in 1972 a Romanian chemist and psychologist called Dr. Corneliu E. Giurgea first coined the term nootropics.

He derived the term from two Greek words; nous, which means ‘mind’, and trepein, or ‘to turn’. In simple terms he came up with a name for drugs which can enhance brain function, but which have little or no side effects. He also came up with a set of criteria that a drug must fulfil to be labelled nootropic.

He said they have to…

  • Enhance learning and memory.
  • Enhance learned behaviours in conditions which can disrupt them, such as oxygen deficiency.
  • Protect the brain from physical or chemical injury.
  • Enhance the tonic cortical/sub cortical control mechanisms.
  • Show a low incidence of side effects and an extremely low toxicity, at the same time lacking the pharmacology of typical psychotropic drugs.


These criteria have been clarified and refined since but Dr. Giurgea essentially nailed it.

Although nootropics are not a recent discovery, in fact they go back a number of decades, modern scientific advances have refined them to the point where they can deliver marked results with no side effects.

Nootropics deliver superior mental performance. They help to clear the mental fog which we all get sometimes and which makes it so difficult to function at a high level for sustained periods.

They supply the means for more effective memory building and enhanced recall. They enable you to focus more clearly and maintain high levels of concentration. They can even boost your creative potential by clearing the way to new and more powerful ways of thinking.

Let’s make it clear. These are not drugs in the manner of psychoactives such as LSD. The best nootropics simply enhance what is already there, allowing you to take greater advantage of the powers of your mind.

Why Do Nootropics Work?

It’s an extremely complex subject, but to boil it down, nootropics work essentially in three ways.

  1. By increasing the oxygen supply of the brain. Brain neurons are particularly sensitive to oxygen deprivation. All the cells in our bodies need oxygen to function, and those in the brain most of all.

A brain starved of oxygen rapidly becomes confused and unable to form coherent though processes, so it stands to reason that an enhanced oxygen supply will boost their capabilities to an optimum level.

  1. By modulating neurotransmitters. The neurons of our brains are linked by synapses which carry the signals which pass between these neurons.

Neurotransmitters determine the output of these pathways and can be either inhibited or stimulated to produce particular effects which can have an effect on your mood, memory, attention and other factors.

  1. By re-growing  and protecting neurons. Neurons can become damaged by injury and die off as we age, leading to the associated mental problems we have all heard about.

At one time it was thought that dead or damaged neurons were irreplaceable. However, new advances have demonstrated that it is indeed possible to replace neurons, thereby staving off the mental deterioration brought on by aging. Some nootropics can help to stave off the effects of neurodegenerative disorders.


Some Examples Of Leading Brain Supplements

Media commentator, host and philosopher Joe Rogan has actively endorsed nootropics, speaking highly in particular about Alpha Brain. Additionally, MMA fighter Heath Herringand the pro poker player Matt Vengrin have both come out swinging in favour of smart drugs. Let’s take a closer look at some of the products which have won over these high performance people.

Alpha Brain is a fully balanced nootropic containing nutrients that help you to remain calm and focussed while at the same time sharpen your mental acuity and ramp up your drive and focus.

First synthesised in 1964 by Dr. Giurgea, Piracetam enhances memory and cognition, retards brain aging, and helps to increase the flow of blood and the supply of oxygen to the brain. Additionally it helps the recovery process of stroke victims and improves the mental state of dementia sufferers.

Sunifiram enhances mental stimulation, boosts concentration and memory, helps to improve learning capabilities and enhances cognition.

Ginkgo Biloba is one of the best known leading brain supplements and is also considered one of the best no tropics. This herbal medicine enhances attention, boosts concentration and builds memory function. It provides an effective treatment for dementia and has a positive effect on cognition.

What Is Using Nootropics Like?

First of all, please don’t get the idea that smart drugs are miracle drugs. You won’t become mentally superhuman overnight, and there will be no sudden rush of effect as found in the effects of illegal substances. The difference no tropics make are far more subtle and gradual, but you will notice a cumulative improvement in your mental capabilities generally. Perhaps even more important is the fact that you will be preparing and protecting your brain for the future.

You may need to experiment until you find the nootropic that is right for you. Some may begin to work for you within days and some will take a little longer. Once you have discovered the smart drug that is right for you, you’ll be able to push back the frontiers of what you thought your mental capabilities were. What more exciting and appealing prospect could there be? It’s your mind. Allow it to open to its full potential.

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