7 Effective Tips to Slim and Lose Weight

As summer is approaching, the vast majority of us regret not having started Dieting earlier. Lose weight and lose weight was one of our purposes for this year but, once again, we have been leaving it until we have returned to spend time on top.

If you are one of mine and you have also slept on your laurels, in today’s article I am going to give you 7 useful tips to get you in shape which costs you much less and you find it more fun.

loose weight

These are the best tricks to lose weight effectively

1- Have fun with food

One of the biggest hits we put to the bikini operation is that we do not like to be eating salad day and night, so I advise you to have fun cooking. There are millions of recipes that are very rich and healthy, as well as easy to prepare, that will motivate you to continue healthy life and prevent you from falling into temptation.

2- Do not overdo it

Eating a balanced diet is essential to achieving weight loss, but you should not root out all foods that are not good for your health. An ounce of chocolate from time to time does not hurt anyone, and the darker the better. The best thing is that you eliminate food from your daily diet progressively and go to a nutritionist for advice.

3. Set realistic goals

Do not intend to lose 5 kilos in a week because it is materially impossible. We must be realistic and set goals that we can achieve. In this way you will stay motivated and every week or every month you will be able to pose more difficult goals to reach.

4. Power is in the mind

If it’s costing you more than you thought, do not despair. Success lies in constancy and it will make you achieve all your goals. The key is to keep the mind active and not demotivate. Sooner or later you will get what you propose.

 5. Do not skip meals

Because you do not have breakfast, do not snack or not, you will not lose weight, I assure you. By skipping meals you will only slow down your metabolism, so it will run slower and you will burn fewer calories. Also, if you skip one meal, the next you’ll get hungry and you’ll eat a lot more.

It is very essential to have 3 important meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and 2 snacks, one at mid-morning and another at mid-afternoon. At snacks you can opt for fruit, nuts or a slice of whole wheat bread with avocado or with turkey. There are many more options but those are my favorites.

6. Keep track of your process

It is important that you do not obsess about this point, but you must follow up at least monthly to know if you are on the right track and if your efforts are having positive results. If so, it will make you motivate and keep moving, if not, you must change the strategy.

7. Exercise

It is the last point but not the least important. Sport is as important as diet when it comes to losing weight. Doing at least 3 hours of sport a week is essential. You can also complement them with walking to the sites and changing the elevators up the stairs. It sounds very typical but it is really useful.

These tips are very easy to implement and I am sure they will help you achieve your goals. This summer does not happen that we get in shape.

Will you put them into practice too? Tell us about it in the comments!

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